Transdermal Relief Spray (300 mg)


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Colorado Better Days Pain Relief Spray is designed for on the spot treatment of muscle and nerve inflammation. The Nano CBD found in our Pain Relief Spray has a particle size <20 nm which allows for the transdermal absorption of our CBD product. If you are seeking instant relief, look no further than Colorado Better Days Pain Relief Spray.

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Purified Water, 300 mg of Nano Enhanced CBD

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Our Colorado Better Days Nano formula is created using proprietary nano technology that allows for maximum absorptions and improved bioavailability. A CBD nano particle is a CBD molecule that is shrunk to nano meter size. To put this in perspective, common CBD tinctures prepared with oils (coconut oil, olive oil, ect.) have a droplet size of 1–10 µm, that’s 1,000–10,000 nanometers. Our particle size is consistently <10 nm.

Through our industry leading particle size, we have been able to formulate a nano emulsion that give the CBD more surface area and thus significantly increases the absorption rate. The the tiny size of our nano encapsulated CBD molecules are able to adhere and pass through your epidermis. Research shows that nano CBD with a size of <80 nm is transdermal meaning that it can pass through to the stratum basale (the lowest layer of the epidermis).

Left: Distribution of a nanoemulsion-based formulation Right: a commercial cream topical prepared with a classical emulsion. **Brought to you by, Medium, Author: Kyle Baker

Nano Encapsulated CBD is currently one the the best methods of therapeutic delivery. Our Colorado Better Days formula is fast acting at 5-10 minutes to feel effects, and 90-100% bioavailable. If you looking for immediate relief try our Colorado Better Days Nano Formulation today!

At Colorado Better Days we source our hemp from Full Circle Farms in Longmont, they are a Certified Organic farm that is a staple in Colorado, visit their site here Colorado Better Days is Registered with the Colorado department of Health and all products are 3rd party tested.

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  1. Derrick Webb

    Works fast, would recommend to others.

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