Nano CBD Daily Capsules- 600 mg THC Free


600mg (Sixty 10 mg Capsules per package)

Colorado Better Days CBD capsules are one of the most effective ways to add CBD to your lifestyle.  Each Capsule contains 10mg of Broad Spectrum Nano Enhanced CBD per capsule. Our capsules are fast acting and 4 to 5 times more effective, Our Nano formula is created using proprietary nano technology that allows for maximum absorptions and improved bioavailability. There is no more guessing how much you’re actually taking. Get the right amount of dosage for your healthy lifestyle.. We have mixed the Nano CBD with raw organic turmeric to increase benefits.

Our recommended dosage is to take on 10mg capsule per day.

Ingredients: Turmeric, Nano Enhanced CBD,Modified Starch, Vegan Capsules


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Our Colorado Better Days Nano formula is created using proprietary nano technology that allows for maximum absorptions and improved bioavailability. A CBD nano particle is a CBD molecule that is shrunk to nano meter size. To put this in perspective, common CBD tinctures prepared with oils (coconut oil, olive oil, ect.) have a droplet size of 1–10 µm, that’s 1,000–10,000 nanometers. Our particle size is consistently <100 nm.

Through our industry leading particle size, we have been able to formulate a nano emulsion that give the CBD more surface area and thus significantly increases the absorption rate. The the tiny size of our nano encapsulated CBD molecules are able to adhere and pass through the your Gastro Intestinal lining, which increases the residency period of CBD in your absorptive digestive tract. This means that the bioavailability of CBD is greatly improved!

Nano Encapsulated CBD is currently one the the best methods of therapeutic delivery. Our Colorado Better Days formula is fast acting at 5-10 minutes to feel effects, and 90-100% bioavailable. If you looking for immediate relief try our Colorado Better Days Nano Formulation today!

At Colorado Better Days we source our hemp from Full Circle Farms in Longmont, they are a certified organic farm that is a staple in Colorado, visit their site here We pride ourselves in maintaining our relationships with organic hemp farmers of Colorado. Through these well cultivated relationships we ensure that our hemp is properly sourced, and the quality is maintained for our full spectrum products.

60 10mg Vegan Capsules


Colorado Better Days is Registered with the Colorado department of Health and all products are 3rd party tested.


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Full Spectrum (<0.3% THC), THC Free


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