“Entourage” Solvent Free Full Spectrum Oil (900mg)


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900mg per 30ml

Using a proprietary, solvent free extraction, Colorado Better Days Entourage is the first CBD tincture that gives the full spectrum delivery of all the cannabinoids extracted from hemp. We use ultrasonic frequencies(sound) to extract all cannabinoids and terpenes directly into organic MCT oil. Since our extraction method is mechanical instead of chemical, the full profile of the plant is completely intact,  just as nature intended.

Ultrasonic Extraction Explained

Through a process known as sonication, ultrasonic extraction can yield concentrates with higher potency and a more robust cannabinoid profile. To fully extract the compounds without damaging them, an extractor must rupture the cellular walls of the cannabis plant without harming its components. This is a difficult task to do, especially with hydrocarbons. Ultrasonic extraction conquers this issue by creating rapidly pulsating ultrasonic vibrations within the extraction medium (usually coconut or olive oil), making it possible to penetrate the integrity of the cellular walls without destroying the plant’s precious cannabinoids and terpenes. As an alternating sequence of high and low-pressured bubbles pulsate throughout the medium, the makeup of the cell walls is dissolved and the components are free to be collected.

It has a very mild taste resembling the aroma of the fresh plant. It also come in Peppermint Flavor!

Follow this link for test results COLORADO BETTER DAYS MCT4 – Potency

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Colorado Better Days Entourage is focused on providing you with a complete hemp plant profile. Named after the “entourage effect,” the full therapeutic effects of the hemp plant is achieved through including the full spectrum of cannabinoids. The cannabis plant has numerous cannabinoids that form a therapeutic system that works in tandem as a therapeutic engine. Rather than isolating CBD through a highly refined process, we decided to create a proprietary infusion method. Our solvent free Entourage is packed with the entire plant profile ensuring the true “Entourage Effect”.

At Colorado Better Days we source our hemp from Full Circle Farms in Longmont, they are a Certified Organic farm that is a staple in Colorado, visit their site here www.fullcircleorganicfarms.com. We pride ourselves in maintaining our relationships with organic hemp farmers of Colorado. Through these well cultivated relationships we ensure that our hemp is properly sourced, and the quality is maintained for our full spectrum products.

Colorado Better Days is Registered with the Colorado department of Health and all products are 3rd party tested.

Weight3 oz

Natural, Mint Chocolate, Lemon Lavender

2 reviews for “Entourage” Solvent Free Full Spectrum Oil (900mg)

  1. Taylor Trask

    One of the best ways to relax and focus in the mornings. I get a cup of coffee and follow it up with a cup of tea and this tincture.

  2. David Swift

    Just wow. Entourage has truly helped in so many ways. I use this tincture every morning. I put a dropper in my oat milk, then steam the oat milk for my morning coffee. I love coffee, but sometimes the caffeine can give me the jitters. With Entourage in my coffee, I don’t get the jitters but I am still energized and alert! Mint Chocolate Chip flavor is taaasssty for coffee morning.

    When I have a smoothie, I always add the lemon lavender. Honestly, the lemon lavender flavor has tastes a bit like a natural fruity pebbles. Aaahhh a trip down memory lane 😉 I usually drink my smoothies post work out and I have noticed that I am not nearly as sore in the mornings!

    The big notice that I have found is that my anxiety levels have significantly decreased. I have tried a number of other CBD products, and there is something about the Entourage that has given me a much more profound effect. I have not found another company that does “ultra-sonic” infusions and commits to staying as close to the plant as possible… there really might be something to that entourage effect. The hemp plant knows something we don’t… Highly recommend Colorado Better Days products!

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