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"Nikki was desperate to help treat Clara's autism symptoms. A doctor suggested she research CBD oil and soon everything changed." https://buff.ly/2WSoaiO

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Need help getting to sleep this week? Take a look at this article on how CBD helps aid in a restful night. https://buff.ly/2MVKLX3

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"No longer just for hippies, hemp fashion is experiencing a major comeback—thanks in part to the booming CBD market." https://buff.ly/2Rv9qCw

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If you're heading out to improve your golf game today, check out this article on how CBD could help. https://buff.ly/2WAZ7Ra

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Some great new CBD products are appearing in Arizona. https://buff.ly/2WsPgN7

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Under the recently-adopted U.S. Farm Bill, hemp is no longer defined the same as marijuana, giving farmers greater opportunities to grow it for a multitude of end uses from textiles to health and wellness products. https://buff.ly/2R92eM0


Many high performance runners use CBD topicals and tinctures to aid in recovery. CBD can act as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory for managing aches and pains from any workout.

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In a strange twist, the 2018 Farm Bill made CBD legal at the federal level, but some states are still blocking it (while THC is still blocked federally but legal in many states). This confusion is making it harder for many local businesses. https://buff.ly/2FKY3oi


During next weekend's #SuperBowl, a CBD Coffee ad will be featured for fans in the stadium. https://buff.ly/2RGofqJ


Moe is one of about 150 animals who have taken and benefited from cannabidol purchased at the Murray Avenue Apothecary in Greenfield. https://buff.ly/2Wbr2qx

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After researching the exploding industry of products infused with CBD, Teressa Sworsky, a registered nurse, decided to try it for herself as an alternative to her side effect-ridden anxiety medication. https://buff.ly/2CORTQv


“I have a lot of older people who have come in with chronic pain, used it for two or three weeks and have came back with a wild result, amazing results, a significant decrease in chronic pain,” Abuhamoud said. https://buff.ly/2RKq85Q


The Utah DoA is taking steps to bring clarity to the CBD business in the state. https://buff.ly/2sLbVX7 #CBDPolicy #CBDNews

The 2018 farm bill allows even more people to try CBD as an alternative to perscription meds. Our customers use CBD to treat anxiety, stress, inflammation, muscle pain, insomnia,… https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs89kunHa_d/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=ygz7f37jiyhl

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